How will personal health information be protected?

The respect of the privacy of study participants and the confidentiality of personal information is a priority. Dr. Tamblyn and her research team use proven secure technologies. Once an eligible patient gives written consent, the patient’s nurses, pharmacists, and physicians at the hospital will have access to his/her medication history. This access is made possible through the RightRx software, which has a secure link to the administrative databases of the RAMQ. A detailed record is kept whenever a clinician accesses the RAMQ medication information for a patient. Only clinicians who have permission to use the existing hospital computer systems to access patient information will be able to use RightRx. Data is stored on the server for the RightRx research program. The hospital uses a secure (HTTPS) connection to connect to the RightRx server. Access to the server is limited and has the latest and most sophisticated protection.